Big Sky Psychological Consortium, PLLC, in Bozeman, Montana
offers individual, couples, and family therapy and psychological assessments.

Individual Therapy

All of our providers offer individual counseling services, where the client attends the therapy sessions on his or her own. Sessions are typically scheduled on a regular, weekly basis. At times, meeting more than once per week may be recommended. These appointments usually last for about 55 minutes. Length of treatment will depend on the issues presented and will be discussed with your specific provider.

Couples Therapy

Several of our affiliated providers offer couples therapy. These appointments bring both members of a couple to work together in therapy to understand difficult patterns within the relationship and to help one another develop a healthier, more effective relationship dynamic.

Family Therapy

At times it is very helpful to have most or all of the members of a family in the therapy office to address issues that may be affecting the family as a whole. Family losses, troubling issues associated with childhood and adolescence, and other family problems are all situations where a family may benefit from attending therapy together. This approach can help a family address problematic patterns that exist within the family as a whole.

Comprehensive Psychodiagnostic Assessments

We have clinical staff uniquely trained to perform psychological assessments for adolescents (currently 12 years and up) and adults. Psychological assessments provide critical information in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of various mental health issues and disorders and offer recommendations for effective treatment options. We currently offer formal and comprehensive ADHD evaluations as well as psychodiagnostic clarification evaluations. Please reach out to speak with one of our clinicians to learn more about if you or a family member would be a good fit for a psychological assessment.