Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have nothing prepared to talk about during my session?

Sometimes you may come to your appointment not knowing where you want to focus or what you wish to discuss. This is fine. Therapy is an ongoing process and we trust that you will be able to identify issues that are important to you once we begin talking.

Why is it a good idea to attend therapy every week?

As with many things, regular attention and participation greatly improves the impact of the activity. Think about trying to meet a physical goal - health status, physical fitness - but only going to the gym once every few weeks. The results you achieve will be clearly impacted by the frequency with which you get to the gym. Making a lifestyle or emotional change takes time and sustained attention. We recognize the personal and financial commitment associated with choosing to initiate a course of therapy. We encourage you to respect your commitment to your work as we do and make time in your week for your appointment.

Will my insurance cover my therapy?

Many insurance companies will allow you or your provider to submit claims for your therapy appointments. You are not required to submit your sessions to your insurance company (you may choose to pay out of pocket). Should you wish to submit claims for reimbursement please check with your insurance company to ensure that preauthorization or other limitations will not affect your participation in therapy. Most insurance companies require a co-pay for each session. You will be responsible for paying to your provider any amount remaining after your insurance company has processed your claims.