Big Sky Psychological Consortium, PLLC

Bozeman, Montana

BSPC is pleased to announce that we now have 2 locations where we may offer services as the pandemic continues to resolve and after it ends. Dr. Black is now located at our West location on Valley Commons Drive. Drs. McKinnie, Ryan, Schacter and Gilleon can be found at our East location on Ellis Street. Please refer to the Contact Us page for addresses and maps to each location.


During the COVID-19 crisis the providers at BSPC are offering sessions through an online, HIPAA compliant platform. A number of our providers do have openings in their schedules. Please reach out to us by phone or through the website and we can discuss whether this option would be appropriate for your needs.

Big Sky Psychological Consortium, PLLC, in Bozeman, Montana offers psychological services provided by doctoral level licensed practitioners, doctoral level practitioners-in-training, and masters level practitioners-in-training. Individual and family counseling services for adults, adolescents, and couples facing issues such as depression, anxiety, conflict, loss, divorce, and life transitions are some of the areas of focus you will find among our affiliated practitioners.

Please take your time and look through our Provider and Services links. If you wish to contact a specific provider please use the contact information on their information page. If you are unsure who you would like to contact please use our main telephone contact number: (406) 586-3301.


Big Sky Psychological Consortium, PLLC, in Bozeman, Montana offers individual, couples, and family therapy.

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Big Sky Psychological Consortium consists of a group of independent Licensed Psychologists, Psychology Residents, and Post-masters Residents.

Michele C. McKinnie, Psy.D., PC (BSPC East)
William B. Ryan, Ph.D., PC (BSPC East)
Mike Schacter, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Resident (BSPC East)
Mary Ward Black, Ph.D. (BSPC West)
Kelsey Gilleon, Psy.D., Postdoctoral Resident (BSPC East)

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Please find links to useful websites, articles and information here. You may also download intake forms from this page.

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